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Using CDXL on the CD32, we can get a streaming movie at around 12fps (I think, I forget the exact framerate) in HAM6 and 256 colours with a resolution of 320x64, which is then stretched using the Copper chip to 320x128, which is around 16x9 2.35:1 aspect ratio. The CD32 is limited to around 300kb/s datarate, which is slower than what you can push through the IDE or PCMCIA ports with a decent drive. But then the CD32 has a 020, and I haven't found any CDXL players that work on 68000 to test if my experimental CDXL videos will work on the A600.

CDXL is an uncompressed, sustained-data-rate animation format that uses ILBM frames and 8SVX streaming audio.
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