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Is there an uncompressed format for the pictures we could use? Because if you increase the speed of the media to near 50% chipram speeds such as with a fast CF card solution the extra bytes loading will be less of an issue.

Could some really technical person do any timings for say how many cpu cycles it takes to load in a single 32 colour and 64 colour images of 320x256 resolution?

You need to read the data in sure...but what I am interested in is if in machine code you can even display single individual EHB or 32 colour images within 1/24th of a second. Some games obviously run @60hz and they are blitting a screens worth already no? So it stands to reason if you can get read speeds of uncompressed images down to 1/60th of a second so thats 320x256x5 or 320x256x6 bits/second transfer rate. Even at 320x256 bytes that is only a transfer rate of 640kb/second...way way below the maximum IDE interface speed even on an A600 surely....and there is no latency on CF cards either it's instant access.

Is the fact Amiga uses bitplane screen modes rather than half byte(nibble) or byte per pixel screen modes a problem there too?

I'm really not seeing why a 7mhz 68000 AND blitter with DMA transfer ability can't do it using single distinct images with no's not like 4Gb is not an insignificant amount of space to store the images on...and if the source is widescreen 16:9 you can drop to 320x200 or less too saving even more space.
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