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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Do you mean that you successfully managed to make XBMC see your USB flash memory?? And to play an .avi DivX/Xvid from there??

I knew that USB sticks were seen by the Xbox (with an adapter for one of the 4 Xbox front gamepad sockets, of course) as gamesaves memory only.
How can XBMC see them?
I'm using this to transfer files from pc to my Xbox hardrive.I tend not to watch anything on my Xbox anyway so i couldn't really help there.It's not the very fastest of transfer speeds you get on Xbox - certainly compared to how fast these sticks are on pc anyway - but 600k is probably fine to watch some avi.I would probably save them to hardrive were i to watch any videos

But yes XBMC reads these as storage devices - you cannot write to them from xbox like you can of xbox memory cards.It's a real pain finding one of these that does actually show up as 99% of the time you only get a can't mount error

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