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This is in reply to Akira

Aparently Akira thinks that everybody should like the games he likes and is stupid to like anything not on a console. He also thinks his point is more valid the more "fucks" he puts in his message.

I like the age of empires series (rts) and you cant play it on any console. If thats not the type of game you like thats fine with me, but get all pissy when somebody has a different preference then you. If the game cost me $2000 in computer equipment to play it then thats fine with me because thats the kind of game I like to play and I have the money to pay for it.

If you wanted a Mac so bad why do you have a PC? As fas as the $4000 computers way back when the DID cost that much or close to it complete with basic software and a monitor/printer. Some macs used to cost alot more then that, and the top of the line g4's will cost that much if you buy a complete package today with large LCD monitor printer software etc. And no I wasnt talking about the A1, you should have asked if you were not clear instead of assuming.

Tell your freind to read the box on his plug and play device to see if it is compatible with his hardware. Would you get pissy with amiga hardware if your AGA game didnt run on an A500 system?

I dont understand why you would be unhappy that your neighbor doesnt use 100% of his computers potential, some kind of envy going on there? IF I buy a porshe because I like the look of the car am I a bad person because I dont race it using it to its full potential?

"Fuck the keyboard, I'm a gamer. The keyboard is for typing a letter to grandma, not for playing. (read: jaguar "joypad")
I am a gamer"

I guess a gamer like you must have had one hell of a time with the Zork series of early computer games, oh wait they are not games because they require a keyboard.. let me call the original makers and bithc them out using curse words because their game didnt fall under YOUR definition of a game.

I custom build my pc's with quality parts to do what I want them to do and have no problems getting any of my equipment to run and stay running. To me an OS should just interface the hardware I have to the software I want to work with and make it easy to get to, thats it. I dont even want to be thinking about my OS, I just want to get the work done or play my game.

I have pc's mac's consoles, retro systems because each has their own specific strongpoint and each has its weakness. There is no single platform that can do everything I want the best way it can be done and computers have been a longtime hobby for me.

I responded to these threads because I wanted to hear other people opinions on a subject, not to hear people thumping a bible like their way is the only way and others are crazy for not using the system they believe is the one true system.
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