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Originally Posted by Adropac2 View Post
Just a mention of a compatible memory stick for use with Xbox XBMC as it's a right pain getting one to show up

Recently bought this one having had success with Forza3 memory stick - the same one as this essentially

It's the 2gb version though they do also go up to what is the 4gb limit for Xbox - i guess that would also work

Might not show up straight away in XBMC and you may want to plug it into the usb adaptor before you even turn it on to ensure this - after a few attempts it should show up as memory card 2 fat 16

Transfer speed is very fast on a pc but around 600k for Xbox

Iv'e tried lots of usb devices and only managed to get my camera showing up so it's good to finally find one of these that works
Do you mean that you successfully managed to make XBMC see your USB flash memory?? And to play an .avi DivX/Xvid from there??

I knew that USB sticks were seen by the Xbox (with an adapter for one of the 4 Xbox front gamepad sockets, of course) as gamesaves memory only.
How can XBMC see them?
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