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Originally posted by Unknown_K
I said realism because I like having a real physics model for fps type games. Being able to toss a grenade and knowing it can bounce down a stairwell instead of sticking to the first place it hits.
Well dunno, I never threw a grenade!(see what I mean? )
I am getting tired of the games that are just all graphics thats why I am here in an EMU forum because I like alot of the older games that were 1v1 against the computer.
At last we agree at something! Only gaming going on on my PC is emu-related. But I haven't been using the PC for games for about 2 years already. When I want to game, I hook up one of me oldies. Now I can play most of the recent PC stuff, but I dont want to. And emulators now perform swiftly but, again, I dont want to.

Finish up that retro computer collection and you'll start thinking a lot different

Ah, I forgot. This is not an EMU forum, this is an AMIGA forum. That's why I'm here
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