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Amiga, Commodore and lucky countries!

Well friends, I opened this thread because I often wonder what could be happened if I were born in another contry or another continent and I would not have fully enjoyed these very nice years!
Back in the days I lived Commodore 64 age in Italy and then Amiga age and had a lot of excitement running an Amiga BBS!
I see ... ie from the World BBS Ghost List :

that some contries in Europe like France or Spain didn't have the same lucky of other contries talking about BBS's and about machines sold I guess!

Not to mention that some continent never saw Commodore and Amiga times like South America ( except Argentina with the Drean Commodore 64 ) and Asia!

Then ... if I recall most of software house were from UK than US or other countries so I am led to thing that Commodore 64 and Amiga would never had the same fate without all the software production from the United Kingdom!

What do you think about this?
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