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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
I have no hopes for Amiga anymore, not as a future wonder machine, it will simply never happen again.
Certainly not as competition to anything modern. Non-game machines like the Mac (or PC with Linux) do the stuff their users want well and fast. Game machines like the PC are also powerful running state of the art games, possibly beaten by the odd PS3 game. All of these come in laptop variant of which some are only slightly less powerful.

So ofc there's no hope in the wonder machine (that's (c) me btw, see the demo ScrewBalls ).

What about what Amiga users needs? Well, there's certainly nothing impossible about satisfying them. They'd be different from each individual, but it's safe to assume they want to play the classic games for a good old time, and use their Workbench at good speed and surf, chat, play music, use apps etc.

This can be done already (possibly with the exception of browser compatibility with modern sites), with say an A1200 like the one in my sig.

What I *could* see as a successful new platform would be such a machine in laptop form, if the "FPGA" has a chipset and 68060 that is fast and compatible enough. I think going to another non-Motorola-Amiga platform would make it a "faster non-Amiga and slower non-PC", basically.

Having some extra screen modes but retaining AGA/OCS support for demos/games would be fine tho, Indivision already has some.

Hm... just realized it pretty much sounds like I'm describing what Jens Schönfeld is doing. Well, I can see an A1200 mobo replacement being licensed for, and people buying, a Pandora-like laptop. But running AmigaOS, demos and games natively in style. If the "booting from harddisk and attaching equipment" support is there, it could be a "continuance" of where the A4000T ran out of oomph, a base platform to start afresh from, if it's good enough.
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