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Sorry, I HAD to fix your message with proper quotes. It was unreadable.
Originally posted by Unknown_K
Not true, Picasso inovated and the masses in the art world seen it. If picasso had just copied a style from somebody down the street you would not know that somebody else had done the inovation.
Masses? The art world has never been massive. I was talking about your innovation/massivity relation. "If it ain't massive it's shite". With that in mind, Backstreet Boys are a a HUGE innovation in the music world.
Well thats where maketing takes over, somebody would see the problem and sell you a right handed mouse. But the mouse does not make a whole working package. If I took the amiga and its os just replaced the keybpoard with a morse code clicker type input device where would the amiga have gone? Would you still have wanted one?
No, because I don't know morse code, and I don't need to know it to use the fucking computer for my graphic work. You are just emphasizing my point Marketing my arse. I buy the computer I WANT not the one the storeclerk sold to me. And if I am to use it as a tool, I can't use an uncomfortable tool. The OS defines the working environment of the computer.
Hell no its not a matter of pride its a matter of money. Once you pay a few $4000 for a system+software that works why would you spend another $4000 if the new system didnt do anything the old system doesnt currently do.
We are talking, I presume, about the A1, a hardware that costs around 500 dollars at the most, not 4000 bucks. And of course, if it offers at least the same functionality as my PC, I'd switch. It sucks paying top dollar for a shitty platform. But I admit it. The PC sucks and it costed me dearly. I'd be looking forward to move on if I could. I have a PC now by bad luck, if I had the cash I wanted I'd be using a Powermac G4.
Really? [zzzz] Some types of games are best played on a PC because of the screen resolution, internet, mouse keyboard combo, memory requirements.
First, I dont know how playable a game is if it needs a mouse and a combination of 32 keys. Are we talking about Flight Simulators? I dont think so. When the Amiga was starting to get slow, people said they'd switch to PCs because of the phong-shaded flightsims. Come fucking on!
What types of games are you referring to anyway? FPS, RTS, and that's it?. Billions of dollars invested in expensive hardware that lets me play only two types of games? Sorry but I rather spend 400 dollars in a Playstation 2 or Gamecube, with its much bigger array of games. I want diversity. Even my $99 GBA gives me more diversity than what a PC can. With just four buttons. Fuck the keyboard, I'm a gamer. The keyboard is for typing a letter to grandma, not for playing. (read: jaguar "joypad")
Dont tell me people buy p4's for home use because thier pentium 1 doesnt read email, type thier letters, or run quicken fast enough...
Yes they fucking do because they are idiots and buy whatever they tell them to at CompUSA! I know most people who own computers are using but 1% of the thing's capability. My neighbour must have a system more powerful than I, and he just checks email and gets infected by virri. On the other hand I squeeze the platform as much as possible. I had a P133 until April, and I was developing multimedia on it until I could no more.

And the cornflake is right, plug and play is bollocks. My friend has a DV cam and Windows XP doesn't fucking recognize it. Plug and Die, more like.
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