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OK, in the thought of the original post (and because I'm lazy), I'll list the systems I got to use as computers (not gaming consoles and not retro).

IBM XT (Eventually with a 386 inboard, still had the SX)
Amiga 500 (eventually got a dataflyer HD for it)
Amiga 1200 (with HD, no extra RAM or CPU accels)
(sadly) 486 (for Foxbase mostly)
IDT Winchip 180 (almost like a 200Mhz chip running at 150Mhz :-)
AMD 1.8Ghz (with 512M, eventually upgraded to NVidia and 1G)
Installed Linux on the 1.8Ghz machine, still my main machine. After all these years.

Now, I have lots of other computers/systems, but that's my progression...
(Not that it was all progress...)


The move to intel (specifically the Winchip) machine wasn't all bad. It got me work, and it's still running... Yep, it plays about 80 Arcade games in my Arcade cabinet.
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