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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
Yeh HAM6 would be a killer really, I seem to remember some coder at a show got a proprietory HAM6 animation coded to do about 12-5fps on a stock A2000?
That is probably because he wasn't using the Anim5 format which allows for better compression (smaller file size) but requires more CPU time to decompress and play the animation back. The Anim7 format requires less CPU but a larger file. I think the CDXL format had no compression.

The reason this came up is the Amstrad CPC using it's Z80 and no blitter was displaying something like 4 colours @ 320x200 in about 10fps whilst running a chiptune player and some other stuff at the same time.
Yes, and an A1000 running a 2/4/8/16 color anim would be OK depending on the animation+compression method. 32 colours and Ham6 would be more difficult but it can be done. I achieved around 10fps but forgot to mention that I had some fast RAM and softkicked to KS2.0 - but it was a 7mhz 68000 A2000.

I'm sure with a CF card, something like Clarissa SSA (super smooth animation) format and 32 colour frames with minimal dithering we could get something very good, if I had the equipment I would try it immediately.
I really doubt it unless you upgrade the 7mhz 68000 CPU. The hard drive speed is not the biggest problem - it is the CPU. I added a 28mhz 68000 accelerator to an Amiga 2000 while testing animation playback and the hard drive read/write increased dramatically. This was using an old A590 interface with a 100 meg scsci hard drive (not an 'XT' drive which may be too slow).
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