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Originally Posted by Smiley View Post
It seems your CPC pinout is the reverse of the one in post number 11.
It is not MY CPC pinout, it is THE CPC pinout. You find it like this all over the internet.

And as for being reversed, it is just interpretation as to which way round you are looking at the connector, I feel the diagram in post 11 is misleading when it says "view from solder connections".

Originally Posted by Smiley View Post
EDIT: Just found this. Completely different wiring method...
It is the same as what I have above. Pins 4 & 6 on CPC DIN are almost the same, you can interchange them.

The diagram does not use 4 or 6 (luma or sync) for RGB enable but use +5v & resistor instead.

I think you may have to face the fact the reason it was thrown out is that it is broken.

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