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Originally posted by Unknown_K
The perfect game has to be fun, have an addicting soundtrack, varied and harder levels as you progress, and something cool that no other game had ever done before or at least the way the game had used it. Also lately killer realistic graphics + fast multiplayer fun have been added to the obove requirements.

I loved the original centipede and still play it through emulation on the PSX/Dreamcast/Mame or on my 2600 if I am bored. But the 3d remake of centipede sucks ass. The speed/twitch of the original was lost. Simply making it 3d wasnt Cool, and since the concept had been done before it wasnt fresh.

Done underestimate the soundtrack either... I used to have the music from doom2 going through my head alot, just like the sounds of Mrs Packman when I left the arcades.
The problem with game soundtracks is that if you spend any amount of time playing the game, the music becomes as redundant as listening to Top 40 radio. The old arcade games work for me. As for "lately killer realistic graphics + fast multiplayer fun"...I don't find these to be ingredients for a perfect gaming experience. Not by a long stretch. The best video/computer games so far have managed without realistic graphics (if you call jerky 3D, plastic-faced, expressionless characters on blurry landscapes realistic). Like Lemmings, for example. I think a more realistic ingredient should be escapism. We play the games to escape. Even if games were realistic, the novelty would wear thin fast. Regarding the multiplayer suggestion, to be a perfect ingredient, it should support single player just as well. Sometimes I just want nothing to do with this species and having to interact with others in a gaming environment flushes the escape I seek. Hence, multiplayer is just a variable.

Now I shall go play a round of Galaga.
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