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Yeh HAM6 would be a killer really, I seem to remember some coder at a show got a proprietory HAM6 animation coded to do about 12-5fps on a stock A2000?

The reason I mentioned the CF adaptor though (which sadly precludes pre A600 machines though) was because on a 'slow' little machine the improvement in useability by replacing the hard drive with a 7200rpm model was significant for Windows with less than the magic 256mb, so significant that before it would not play standard 700mb xvid/divx files but after replacement of drive it happily did so without dropping a frame.

The reason this came up is the Amstrad CPC using it's Z80 and no blitter was displaying something like 4 colours @ 320x200 in about 10fps whilst running a chiptune player and some other stuff at the same time.

I'm sure with a CF card, something like Clarissa SSA (super smooth animation) format and 32 colour frames with minimal dithering we could get something very good, if I had the equipment I would try it immediately.

I might have a play with this idea in WinUAE over xmas at least the terrabyte drives are massively fast and have a huge cache....better get converting on a suitable trailer to mess about with and work out how to record this for youtube haha

lol If I ever see that damned internal IDE interface for the A500 on ebay and a CPU socket fitting internal accelerator my bank balance is in big trouble

@Cammy I seem to remember Commodore making a big thing to the magazine reviewers of the CD32 machine that CDXL was 2-4x better on the CD32 than the CDTV (either frame rate or animated proportion of the screen) wasn't the CDTV quarter screen size only and about 15fps in Ham6?

*slow=slow running M$ bloatware...266mhz is NOT slow
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