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Even if they were very simple Ham6 animations I doubt that you could get such high frame rates (25fps) on a 7.xx mhz 68000 in a standard A1000. You would need to find a compromise between high colour depth, resolution, anim compression method used and high frame rates.

I converted a few AVI files to HAM6 format that was streamed along with sampled sound from the same drive to play video clips on an OCS Amiga500 and A590 hard drive as an 'attract mode' with the machine inside an arcade cabinet. I think I used 'Biganim' to stream it and an IFF sample streamer for the audio. The animation could only handle around 8 FPS for a 300x200 HAM6 Anim5 file, and 10 FPS for Anim7 format.

The playback frame rate would depend on how much action was involved in the animation. The clips were from some cartoons (Bugs Bunny vs Marvin the Martian, The final battle with the Bruton/Aurora robots from Astroboy, the Lego Raiders of the lost Ark/Starwars stop motion animation and some random 'Beanz Meanz Heinz (Get it Right!)' clips from the Goodies. The tricky part was getting the audio and video playback in sync as each was done by separate programs - after a lot of modifying I had it working 'good enough'.

Eventually I came across a 28mhz 68000 accelerator which improved performance dramatically (to about 19 FPS on average from memory).

If you have an Amiga 1000 with kickstart 1.3 and you could play CDXL HAM animations with audio (which were mainly for use with CDTV/CD32s) from a hard drive. You won't be able to achieve frame rates as high as 25fps without an accelerator but they're still impressive for a 7 mhz machine.
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