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c'mon ... this story is as real as any mythical creature ...

Just look at the facts:
- he wrote this letter in the end of 1996 when the Amiga era was already over
- he was using an A500 for 2 years, so he became a proud A500 owner even after Commodore went bust
- he is a reader of an Amiga magazine, but is pretending to have no Amiga knowledge at all (what has he done with his A500 in those 2 years?)
- he got an A1000 (probably 10yo USA NTSC model!) at his local second hand shop in UK and the seller didn't care about rated voltage or function of this device but the seller was interested in an A500
- and finally he made ridiculous "speeling" mistakes even the most retarded dyslexic wouldn't make
- and his handwriting doesn't indicate any mental disorder or even the lack of education

So is this story real?
Of course! ... And pigs can fly!

In german magazines u can read similar stuff every year on 1st of April.

btw .. i haven't seen a message like "Please Run Kick Start" on my A1000 models. And i got 5 of them.

Ciao, Rick ...

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