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I am shedding light on your obtuse personality and less than honest ebay business tactics pure and simple.

We have now acquired your 'collections' and all 15 of us will be reviewing them for copyright infringements on a microscopic level.


Because I know exactly which loophole of Ebay you use to get other sellers banned/restricted on ebay simple as that. If you don't like people acting like this perhaps you should stop yourself and act like a decent amiable intelligent human being....until then I will find a way to stop you as well and the only things on YOUR crappy low quality unimaginative compilations should be the crap games you personally have 100% copyright too.

I know for a fact what you have done and to which ebay members you have done it. personally I am surprised you haven't been banned....the Amiga was a machine for decent people NOT people with your bi-polar attitude and dodgy business mentality in the face of SUPERIOR products.

You are the unwanted child at the birthday party who just doesn't get the fact nobody really likes you or wants you here.

For the uninitiated : This person actively enforces his 'might' via to sell his slapdash compilations of other peoples copyrighted games no doubt without 1000s of signed agreements to do so on spartan discs by IGNORING the removal by other sellers of his crap from their compilations. Scum pure and simple or just plain dumb...hey it rhymes but it's not very funny...nor is he

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