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How dare you all act so damned insensitively!!!!!

The A1000 is a beautiful machine to use as an everyday OCS/ECS Amiga

Actually the retailer is probably an idiot, the buyer an optimistic A500 younger owner....the two collided and hilarity ensued with an NTSC A1000 (how did he get a picture on his TV? smells a bit fishy now). I believe the largest RAM possible on the A500 (not A500+) is 2mb? Or I think there was a Zorro slot expansion from GVP for 8mb extra so 9mb or 10mb if you installed obese Agnus. So............given the A1000 side expansion and A500 are identical but upside down and mirrored (it's on the left not right hand side see) what happens if you plug in said 8mb expansion upside down into the side of an there some logic problem on the A1000 board preventing the addressing of this RAM? I only ask because all the A1000 side expansions were 512kb-2mb max....but then 8mb in 1986 would have cost as much as a Ferrari lulz

Anyway for playing games the A1000 rocks....a wise purchase methinks
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