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Amiga movies possible on stock OCS machine?

I was watching a video of SymbOS running on an Amstrad CPC computer and it included quite an impressively smooth playback of a 4 colour movie clip of a conversion of the MP4/AVI clip of the Matrix Reloaded trailer.

Right here is my question, given this is possible on a damned Z80 machine with crap video there any software that will make such an impressive task happen on the Amiga A1000 in KS/WB 1.3?

Here is what I would like my beloved machine to do, the mother of all future Amigas......

Take some either bespoke or standard IFF anim and play it back in 24 frames per second @ 320x256 resolution either in EHB or HAM6.

and then that lead me onto the next thought....OK so the A1200 and A600 have IDE interfaces built in and we all know it is possible to convert a similar 2.5" IDE PC/Mac laptop to use a Compact Flash card via an adaptor....but how would you do this on an A1000 or A500? OK so there was the ICD Novia internal hard drive kit for the A500 I remember this well, it allows you to put a laptop PATA IDE drive inside your machine with I think the interface coming on a board that goes in the 68000 CPU socket and the CPU piggybacking onto the board.

So IF you had an OCS/ECS Amiga with and ICD Novia (?) IDE interface installed and a fast 4gb CF card slotted into the IDE port AND you had an Anim file or Clarissa file would this baby be able to play such a file in such high colour depths?

Is there any way to do this without using a hard drive and massive 10mb memory expansion zorro board for an A500? How low can the colour resolution go without it being a waste of time and looking like an 8bit slideshow?

Your opinions are welcome fellow Amigans
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