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Originally posted by Unknown_K
People get very pasionate about their computers, its like talking religion and politics.
But inovation that doesnt get to the masses is basically worthless.
I beg to differ. I know this is a different field, but paintings and stuff made by, let's say, Picasso, were innovative, but they never hit the masses, because art is not a massive phenomenon. His stuff was innovative nevertheless and marked the way things were done in the graphic area. Same could be told bout Dali methinks.
I dont care how great a OS/System is if the software I need to get a job done isnt available for it.
As you said, the computer could be a tool. And if you don't feel comfortable with it, how to use it? Would you use a left-handed mouse? yes, you could end up using a left-handed mouse, but you have to go through a stupid process of re-learn that should NOT be needed.
Once you switch to a platform (especially an expensive one) its hard to justify jumping to another system unless it offers something you need your current system doesnt do.
Ahh, so it is a matter of pride?. "I will defend this system becasue it cost me bloody dearly. I had to sell my mother to get it! Even if it works bad, I'll say it rox0rz"
and these days videogames make people buy Intel PC's.
Hehehe, sorry, but people who like games BUY A PS2. Or a GBA. Or a Gamecube.
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