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People get very pasionate about their computers, its like talking religion and politics.

As an engineer with a patent, I respect inovation. But inovation that doesnt get to the masses is basically worthless. An ancient Greek invented a steam enguine way back in BC times, he used it for a toy that would spin.. imagine what would have happened if he spread the idea and people used it as a tool, who knows what the world would be like now. And dont forget every inovation is built on the back of millions of other inovations from the people before you. Even with marketing if your product is not at least usable nobody will buy it The reason I got rid of my C64 in the late 80's and purchased a 286 PC was because I needed to run specific programs used at college. I dont care how great a OS/System is if the software I need to get a job done isnt available for it. Once you switch to a platform (especially an expensive one) its hard to justify jumping to another system unless it offers something you need your current system doesnt do. Most people have alot more money invested in system specific software then the hardware itself. in the buisiness world people decide what software they need, then go buy the hardware they need to run it. The videotoaster + software for video digitising made people buy amiga's , same with quark making people buy macs, and these days videogames make people buy Intel PC's. From what I remember the original spreadsheet sold alot of apple 2's because it was the only machine that had the program. Software is what drives the industry and it doesnt surprise me that a software company became dominant and alot of hardware companies bit the dust. it also doesnt surprise me that a computer made from open source off the shelf parts ended up being the leading hardware platform. it definatly wasnt the best hardware in existance but people could clone it and that in itself made it better.
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