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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Neither Lha nor ADFBlitzer can read RAR archives. You should unpack the archive and repack it as LHA or LZH.

The name of the file is the name of the command you have to enter. So lha_68020 is perfectly ok, but just lha is less typing.

lha_68020 x adfblitzer.lha ram:

will unpack the ADFBlitzer archive into the RAM disk.

Just enter lha (or lha_68020) without arguments to get the help displayed.

Generally it is

lha x archive files destination

"files" is optional and "destination" has to end with : or /, otherwise it is interpreted as file.
So renaming is just for ease of use? Does x refer to a choice of letters (as in e for extract from the previous post) or is x actually a command, I'm sorry I'm not sure!
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