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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Yes, you should rename your lha file to just lha. Also note that you'll need to unarchive the adf image before you can read it with UnRAR or something like that. Or archive it with Zip or lha instead.

The correct syntax for lha in your case would be:

lha e df0:adfblitzer.lha ram:

(Assuming you are usng df0: and not pc0: or something else.)

Your best bet would be to copy it to a separate floppy, or alternatively use a copy of your Workbench disk and delete the utilities etc off it so you can make space for ADFBlitzer.
Thanks I will try that, i've obviously made the mistake of archiving my adf as rar. Might have to put adfblitzer on a separate floppy as you suggest as I have deleted the utilities off and its at exactly 100% with adfblitzer.lha and 68020_lha which I will rename to lha. But then if adfblitzer is on a separate disk, that will require more disk swapping when unpacking adfs? Actually, both of those files are currently in utilities drawer not c drawer as I wasn't sure...but lha (when ive renamed) has to be put into the c drawer?
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