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I have an adf as .rar on floppy disk. I can read this disk on the 1200.
Neither Lha nor ADFBlitzer can read RAR archives. You should unpack the archive and repack it as LHA or LZH.

I have lha_68020 in the C directory (does this need to be renamed to just 'lha'?)
The name of the file is the name of the command you have to enter. So lha_68020 is perfectly ok, but just lha is less typing.

I am unsure how to unarchive adfblitzer
lha_68020 x adfblitzer.lha ram:

will unpack the ADFBlitzer archive into the RAM disk.

lha -e <location> <file> <destination> <file>
Just enter lha (or lha_68020) without arguments to get the help displayed.

Generally it is

lha x archive files destination

"files" is optional and "destination" has to end with : or /, otherwise it is interpreted as file.
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