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TCD: No, all VGA monitors display 320x240 doubled in 640x480 mode, see instructions above if you doubt my veracity. Autoscroll is the result of a minimum supported desktop area not fitting in the selected resolution, as supported by the OS.

I feel this is diverting from a poll of opinions into me trying to explain how monitors work to people who don't want to find out. Sort of.

I think there was never any doubt that voters' opinions should be respected, everyone chooses what looks best to them?

Can we all agree that if you take a HOL screenshot, double it without filters (since that's what happens in 320x240 in hardware on a monitor), or double it without filters in WinUAE, it looks blocky on a PC screen? Unless (some of) them were taken at 640x512 and shrunk in Photoshop, which smooths them.

I think we can all agree that if you use some other display method such as xbox emu to LCD TV, each pixel line has nothing to do with a pixel line of the LCD resolution since the whole frame is scaled, and scanlines don't apply?

So. Emulator output on PC screen *ONLY*: scanlines or blocky pixels? (Or tiny part of screen used for nonscaled output). Pick what looks best to you!

Me, I don't mind tweaking settings to get closer to what I think is the ideal, scanlines or no scanlines. I hope the facts and pictures I added has some use to those who don't mind either.
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