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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
Sorry Photon, I'm just being a usual pain in the butt and thanks for the compliment

I've done 32 colour logo's for PMC's demo he's creating, resolution max 320x256 and I must agree, it's bloody hard work trying to make something look as good as the original (This I've already seen in WinUEA). That's why I wont knock anybody regarding scanlines, lets just say, they're not for me especially in WinUAE, but then again, I've never been able to tweak WinUAE to give an output that works for me
I think you didn't get what I was getting at (or maybe I don't make any sense at all???) I didn't mean to make a 320x256 graphic look as good as in Photoshop at 100% zoom, I meant: take that graphic, show it in DPaint. OK. Forget about any original version. Take that DPaint graphic and show it in WinUAE in any way that makes it look best. Not so much to do with scanlines, if someone adds a filter to pour the pixels in a blender and pour them out into the WinUAE window again, and it looks better, I'm using it!

Ofc the familiar demo/game gfx were all drawn on real Amigas and 14" CRTs, and that means getting closer to that on a PC monitor will get closer to "what the artist saw" and "how it was intended to look". Yours was not (?), so I've no idea if it will look better with any mode or filter hooplah in WinUAE, but the 'good old games' will.

Not to go on debating, to each his own, just clarifying some statements.

For example the one by TCD that 320x200 is available in VGA. Well, on LCDs it becomes blurry crap (coughexcuse me) and on CRTs it becomes 640x400. Press the CRT menu button and you'll see that. Ie. hardware pixel doubling.

And certainly, you can select doubling off in WinUAE, however if you want the F12 interface be usable you can't really go below 720x576 due to the window size. You can try to use it in 320x200 if you really want, what you'll get is a completely unusable interface, and hardware doubled pixels as per above.
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