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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
In this day and age scanlines are a no go, but I can see why people would like to add that authenticity to their own displays when using WinUAE. It doesn't bother me one bit, as I like my GFX to look as sharp and as detailed as possible for you, the people to enjoy

It's the way I am, I think

EDIT: Take a look at my lovely AMP Logo which is half perfect and half scanlined
You make very nice logos, but that's not "WinUAE output". The point is that WinUAE doubles pixels vertically. Same for scandoublers, or the usual 320x240 PC DOS graphics in the lowest VGA can go - 640x480.

If you want, you can resize it to 320x256, use any number of colors, and load it in DPaint in WinUAE. Then try to make it look as good as possible and give us your config.

THAT'S the point about scanlines here.

I really don't know what you're on about mate ... I mean ... compare 32-color game/demo graphics with a truecolor logo on PC that fills <10% of the screen?
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