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I agree, Demon that was actually support for that scanlines is the way to view low-res retro graphics. Because they drew it on a low-res monitor and chose to add/remove a pixel base on what hit their retinas. They chose to use a darker color for some detail if it looked better on a low-res 14" monitor. They added another precious "between-color" to the palette ONLY if it didn't already look OK on the monitor. See for example some hand-antialiased logos.

Scanlines gets closer to what they saw and thus what we should see. No scanlines turn it into PC DOS low-res game graphics, and ofc they didn't draw their gfx on PC. (Can you tell what I voted in the poll!!? Hehe.)

I'm sure you know all this, since you're an artist. But it really is hard to make something look really great in 320x256 32 colors (especially lots of objects with shared palette in games), and no-scanline amplifying of all the tricks used really makes it hard to appreciate. Scanlines is closer to the real thing, ie. almost as forgiving as a proper Amiga monitor with its savory melted glowing pixel-pillows <3

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