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Stump CodyJarrett

After CodyJarrett's hard Amiga quiz, I thought it’s time for revenge!!!!!!

Ripping off this fine "stump" idea from another forum comes this:

Due to CodyJarrettts amazing Amiga knowledge, I thought I’d start a quiz on his behalf with an interesting twist – it’s his turn to answer the questions! I was going to run this myself, but after seeing the knowledge of what is Cody I thought he was the man to beat the man! So with that said it’s…..

Time to Ask CodyJarrett!

Think you can stump him? Well, step up and take your best shot!
For he, the Mighty CodyJarrett, declares himself unstumpable when it comes to all matters of Amiga. Feel free to ask your trickiest, most difficult Amiga question. But don't be surprised when you fail to stump the mighty CodyJarrett!

Here are the rules:

1) Only one question per post. Multiple questions within the same post will be disqualified at CodyJarrett's discretion.

2) All of CodyJarrett's answers are final. He is the ultimate authority, and his judgement will be the final arbiter on the accuracy of any of his answers. (Hee, hee)

3) Don't get mad at him if you don't get the answer you expected. (This is, after all, is a joke thread. i.e. don't take it too seriously)

4) Make sure your questions are impossibly difficult to answer. The harder the better! This way, when he answers it, you will truly be thrilled and amazed!

5) Personal questions that give CodyJarrett zero chance of answering will be disqualified. What's regarded as a personal question is completely down to CodyJarrett’s discretion based on deciding if the question is within the spirit of this competition.

6) In order to give this thread a finite size (and not get out of control) each EAB member is limited to asking CodyJarrett 3 questions.

7) Winners who stump the amazing CodyJarrett will win, er, nothing!

Disclaimer: As runner of this competition on CodyJarrett's behalf, Bloodwych is ultimate Judge and has the power to add/change rules and intercede as he sees fit.

Lets begin, shall we? Who will be the first? The first to fail to stump CodyJarrett?

PS – watch out for the future threads

Who can stump EAB (posted on EMU-UK)


Who can stump EMU-UK (posted on EAB)

Yes that’s right – a forum vs forum competition with me as judge.

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