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It is fair to only credit Microsoft with Business savvy. Unlike Atari and Commodore who even together couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery, M$ knew how to exploit the business world, whereas CBM, Atari Corp and Acorn failed miserably. Again, Apple have to be credited for their slim survival. And thats the word: survival.

But make no mistake, Windows, considering the horsepower it sucks up is pretty darn sh**. It would be like a car that only goes 1 mile on 10 gallons or something...And sorry unknown_k, having been forced to use Windows 3.1 in the mid nineties after being raised on Amigas was a SHOCK to say the least. That OS blew chunks, as does Win95. As far as im concerned only the recent Win2000 and to a degree Windows XP have finally been slightly respectable.

But heres the irony these products were based (NT) on OTHER peoples technology! Let us not forget that Microsoft Basic wasnt written by Bill Gates! He bought it from someone else! IE, being based on Mosaic! All throughout its history, M$ has Borg-like assimilated other peoples work and sold as their own thanks to cold hard $$$.

They dont create ideas. They steal other peoples.

I dread to imagine how far we truly are in terms of Operating Systems thanks to Bill Gates evil minions chasing profit before progress.
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