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Squeezed Scanline Comparison Photos

OK, tried it, here are two comparison pictures:

Speedball Logo


Both were taken with the same settings in WinUAE and on the monitor (except scanlines ofc, duh!) in 720x576 mode - but resolution only affects the size of the Amiga screen, the effect of the "glowing scanlines" is the same for example for 800x600.

Any moire patterns is a product of my camera and are not present when viewing. Unfortunately the no-scanlines detail pic got blurred a bit and I'm too tired to do/write more. But for example the sloping metal edge by the bottom looks much nicer and less like a stairway to hell with squeezed scanlines. Also, the 45 degree lines in the logo melt together to form a line rather than the usual low-res doublescan PC DOS game look.

Naturally pixels are doubled horizontally too, and this monitor from 2001 is good enough to make the edges between differing colors more distinct than on an RGB monitor from 1987. The only way to make them more pillow-shaped horizontally too, is to apply a filter, but with only double resolution it's hard to not make it look artificial or even good, I think.

As you can see in the scanlines pics, on a CRT the "abyss" between pixel lines shrinks with pixel intensity, and is almost never as high as the pixel line. See for example the white colors in the Speedball letters.

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