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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Anyway, I [ Show youtube player ] that half of the lines are darker on a real 1084
I'm not sure... do you have an LCD for WinUAE or a CRT? If CRT, it's 5 minutes' work to see what Maren means.

On LCD, a 2x scaled (scanlines on, no filters), every other line is perfectly black. On a CRT, pixels (and pixel rows) are not a fixed size or in fixed locations, so squeezing the lines together will make the black lines thinner. And since pixels on a CRT have a bit of a glow, the lines should melt together nicely.

You know all this, but you (and I!) don't know if it _looks good_ until we've seen it on a CRT. That's why you're skeptic, I guess, but to me it does sound better than 2x without scanlines - even if you squeeze that too, the twice-duplicated pixels cause much more square pixels (compare quake in 320x240 (becomes 640x480) on a 19" CRT!!) Square City. Instead of Glowing Pillows.

I'll try it right away
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