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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
The A600 has the advantage of the PCMCIA->CF adapter offering quick and cheap transfer of data between PC and Amiga.

But A500 + GVP HD8+ has 8Mbytes of RAM.
My GVP HD8+ has only got 4 x 1mb simms (been that way for years )

PCMCIA->CF transfer will be pretty good with the A600 as the PCMCIA port wil never be disabled due to having too much ram! (one thing i hate about my expanded A1200). If i go for another A600 then i will get a KS ROM switcher so that i can try and retain as much A500 compatibility as i can! (minus the games that require or use a numpad ).

I'm still worried about the caps! even though all Amiga's i've owned have been fine... luck maybe?
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