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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Well, I was wondering if you had a 320x512 native resolution monitor, since you mentioned no scaling I get your point though and like you said each to their own
CRT monitors don't really have "native" resolutions, at least not in the way LCD's do, they supposedly look better under the recommended mode, but truth is you can pretty much set to what you want and it will still look great, of course, always bearing in mind the limitations in the circuitry. Generally these low-res, low-refresh rate modes aren't available from modern video drivers, but that doesn't mean they are not supported, all it usually takes is a custom modeline.

However, this resolution trickery is not without flaw. I'm stuck with 50.1hz of vertical refresh rate for native amiga resolutions, perfect 50hz appears to be impossible under this particular circumstance, but I ain't complaining, better this than some LCD piece of junk
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