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Originally Posted by Mikey_C View Post
J the Gaming Arena Competition will be Stunt Car racer dual player (we tested it, it works)
More news on Gaming Arena to follow.
People at Hungary Amicon last week also had some fun with linked Stunt Car racer (see videos). When I get friends home I use to link my A1200 and A600 just to play SCR, which they love, as our first option.

So... what's so cool about SCR? Just rethorical, of course, I know what's so cool about it after playing joyfully with it more than 20 years later . But is it always the favourite one when link-playing? What about the rest of linkable games? Have anyone here interesting experiences dual-playing with other games? I know the list at but haven't played much of them.

EDIT: on second thought, this off-topic might be worth its own thread!


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