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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
What?? They sell for average of £13 ($22 USD) which is hardly bank busting.

What's wrong with your A1200?? Surely it can play anything an A600 would play and more?
I just wanted something smaller that can still play A500 floppy games (i have loads of oldies )... my A1200 has problems with a few games i own but luckily i have WHDLoad for most of them

Is it right to assume there's probably no advantage going from my A500 to an A600 apart from the size... My A500 has already got a hard drive with extra fast ram (GVP HD8+).

Are there any games that will run on an A600 but not an A500? I'm just trying to decide between compatibility and size I did have an A600 but barely used it and ended up selling it to someone in Finland!
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