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AExplorer ** User Abort Requested **

hi there,

i am running an A1200 ks3.1 Amigasys4 OS3.9 System with idefix-express, 2cd-drives, a cf-hd and a 2.5" hd, blizzard 1230-iv 50mhz with 50mhz fpu, lyra2, cocolino and a 3com pcmcia network-card. a few tweaks like fastexec, blazewcp, fblit etc. added.

i have setup genesis (opened port 356) and aexplorer and transfer wouldn't work for a while. until i enabled the log option on the amiga side. since i did that transfer generally works fine but every now and then...

- always when i select a directory of the amiga hd on the pc side of the explorer and afterwards go back to the parent directory -

...a requester pops up: "AExplorer ** User Abort Requested **" - options "continue" and "abort. as i click "continue" everything works fine again.

how can i get rid of this requester?

best regards and thanks for any help!!

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