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Is it worth getting another A600?

Ok i had an A600 a while ago and sold it because i personally did not think much of it!.... Now i'm thinking about getting another one to replace my big bulky A500 purely as a floppy disk gaming system.

I know there are some games that require a numpad and some are just completely incompatible with the A600... roughly how many games and are there any good one's? Also i think this may be a myth but is the A600 faster than the A500 at loading floppy games? (does it have a faster floppy drive?)

I'm trying to save some space and my A500 is just too big! I know the A600 has got some buggy KS roms so i will probably have KS 1.3 and 2.04 installed with a switch.

I'm using my A1200 purely as a WHDLoad machine but i still want an older system to use with all the old A500/600 games i still have... would an A600 be a wise choice or should i just ignore the size and stick with my old A500?

Comments or advice please

EDIT: just out of curiosity which of the A500 and A600 had the highest failure rate? (mainly capacitor wise)

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