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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
Lol... have you gueseed yet WHY I'm so pissed off ? N00000.

If the guy WAS handicapped in some way, then I don't think its fair to be quite so "amused" at his plight. I live with a disability that makes me stand out, I've been bullied/mocked and had the piss taken out of me something chronic. So yes pat me on the head and patronise me if it makes you feel better.

It's been done before and I'm sure it will again.......

The letter does not state he is handicapped, so how can someone laugh about him being so? It is a hilarious letter, even if he is handicapped!

There are a fair few posters here like that.

I just find it immensely irritating that people automatically make ASSUMPTIONS

Originally Posted by asm1
Originally Posted by s2325
I see everyday how disabled people can write or draw, for them it's impossible to write like unfortunate Amiga user.
So now you're telling me that ALL Physically/Mentally Disabled people cant write or draw
Seriously, what ever it is that you are smoking, pass it over here.
It is a funny letter no matter who the person is or what infliction they have, I couldn't care less.
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