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so he swapped his Amiga 500 and £50 for an Amiga 1000 that ran on a 110 V powersupply.... that much I worked out.

I first thought it must be a setup

1) He had an A500, which I assume he knew how to use.
2) Because of 1) above surely he would have accumulated some "knowledge" with regard to Amigas and how they work.
3) Is an Amiga 1000 THAT different to an A500 to get going ?

Then I thought the following

4) The "electronics retailer" who sold him the thing..... probably wouldn't have the foggiest about how it worked, so I can understand (slightly) how they couldn't help much after the sale.
5) In 1996 I was 16 at school and saving £50 was HARD work (I didn't / couldn't have a "job").

Anyone ever think of this:

Maybe the poor guy had some sort of condition (Dyslexia springs to mind) or perhaps he was mentally handicapped in some way which meant that his writing/spelling/memory etc weren't very good. In which case I can empathise /sympathise with his pleas for help... he probably didn't know where else to go

So yeah all very funny and har de har. But what if its true? is he really deserving of such derision ? Phoning "companies" can be bloody difficult if you struggle to communicate or understand.

If its a setup then bollox... but if its true he has my heartfelt sympathies... poor sod.

and shame on you lot for mocking someone less forunate......... "Numpty" aint very nice if he's mentally handicapped is it ?
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