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A new-age Amiga can boot faster than Windows, Linux and OSX

I've been using my A1200 as my daily computer since I got it back in the early 90s, but recently I've been using Aros on my dad's laptop, and I have to say it's really impressive.

There's no need for AmigaOS4 on x86, Aros is fine, and it's getting better faster than OS4 is now that people are starting to realise how simple it is to burn an ISO and boot it on their PC. I haven't even installed it on here yet, since I need to burn off some stuff to free up space, but I'm running a web browser, chat applications and games online from the CD I booted from.

With more users, developers have more motivation to keep going. Why not try Aros now? If anyone here has a PC with a CD or DVD drive, download Icaros Live and give it a go.
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