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Big grin NEC AccuSync LCD72VX Works on my Miggy!

Hello all, started another thread here about my LCD monitor questions, and I've finally gotten this one to work right. Took all weekend to do, as the required clock speed was higher than what the picasso96mode program would allow, forcing me to dig around the settings file with a hex editor. (If alot of ppl have this monitor, I'll upload the settings file to Aminet after I get it cleaned up a bit) I was using the chart on the specs sheet as a guide, but finally got the resolutions configured.

As I mentioned in the other thread, my original resolution of 1152x900 wasn't supported, so I had to drop to 1152x864 (at least until I get the 1152x870 configured right). Still a few modes to configure, have to tweak with the 1152x864 24-bit screenmode to stabalize it, until then I'm running in 16 bit. But the image is nice and crisp, and the 80 pound, electricity guzzling, 20" behemoth CRT is now sitting on the floor in my computer room until I can move it into the basement without giving myself a hernia.
Unfortunately, this monitor can't sync down to 15khz, so NTSC and PAL screenmodes still won't work without a scandoubler. (I'm using this one, though its a 16-bit doubler that causes a bit of a green shift, which can be adjusted for a bit with the monitors RGB controls, which this one has) Otherwise, this thing is working great!
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