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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Any system that hasnt had new hardware in years is basically dead in the market
Oh boy, my friend. Just read this old message. I don't keep up much with the latest Amiga news, but you are much less informed than me!

I think the Amiga gets new hardware every two or three months at the most, if not more frequently! So your assumption is absolutely wrong.

And I just gave you an example of someone who tried to do the same as Microsoft. GEOWORKS DID. Before Windows 3.11. ON THE X86 PLATFORM. As a matter of fact, Ensemble ran even on an XT while Win3.1 needed a 386 not to crawl.

Ensemble is the evolution of GEOS for the C64. Not the same product.

if yo uneed proof of this, I'll be happy to post ads and reviews with date and comparisons with Windows.
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