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I enjoyed Heimdall II. A few things I remember:

1. You can play as Heimdall, or Ursha, a valkyrie. There's rarely any reason to switch between characters, since only the current character gains experience, and the load time when switching is hefty. I used Ursha for extra inventory space. :roll

2. There's a fun bug where if you shoot an attack spell at a portal, it bounces off and you can pick it up. It appears in your inventory as a bread. You can use this bread as a throwing weapon, and can stack.

3. Use the Create Item spell when close to the Ro'Geld. Keep at it until you get good at this sort of magic. Odds are you'll create more mana potions than the mana cost, and can sell the items at the shop for ridiculous amounts of money.

4. There's an annoying bug in the room where you meet your shadow (the time it doesn't try to kill you). De-equip your bow and arrow, or you can trigger a bug that your shadow fires an arrow off-screen.
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