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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Microsoft got to where it is today because of windows 3.1 and the software asociated with it...
Sorry, but Microsoft got where they are today thanks to their (dubious) marketing techniques. NO MERIT in their software. Win3.1 was a load of rubbish, GeoWorks Ensemble was a MUCH BETTER contemporary GUI.

Steve Jobs saw where it was all going and doted the LISA with a graphical interface. YEARS before Bill gates even knew what a Window was.

The innovators were the people of the Palo Alto research center of Xerox. Bill Gates is just an opportunist.

And about bundling an office suite... PLEASE... ClarisWorks on the Apple IIGS. YEARS BEFORE.
Originally posted by Unknown_K
The reason M$ is where its at and Commodore/Amiga is dead is not because of technology.. its marketing. Some companies do it well and others fade into oblivion.
I see a contradiction here?
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