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Microsoft got to where it is today because of windows 3.1 and the software asociated with it... not because of web browsers for windows 9x that wasnt even created at the time.

I dont credit M$ with alot of innovation, just smart buisiness practices early on. The might not have invented alot of technology but they did have the nack to see where things were going and get there first.

Bundling an office suite was a very smart thing to do early on when everybody was buing each package seperate from different venders. Each with its own interface, some even using dos, not being able to cut from one app and pasting into another etc.

Whats wrong with buying companies out anyway? I do admit strong arming PC makers to only sell their windows product isnt nice, but they didnt start that until they owned the OS market anyway. As far as NT/2000 not being their own technology, well IBM didnt push OS/2 at all so thats IBM's fault by screwing over their own customers.

Proprietary HTML tags.. humm nobody ever put a gun to somebodies head and said to use those tags did they, something in them must have been worth using or nobody would have.

The reason M$ is where its at and Commodore/Amiga is dead is not because of technology.. its marketing. Some companies do it well and others fade into oblivion.
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