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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Windows isnt that bad.
I believe it is.
Originally posted by Unknown_K
Alot of the companies that made software no longer exist because they could not inovate fast enough.

There is nothing that Microsoft ever released in 1.0 revision that was worth a shit. Netscape was THE internet browser, microsoft first few versions sucked. But netscape started to release buggy crap and microsoft finally made a decent product. Look at wordperfect, owned the world.. but people didnt want a DOS word processor anymore and WP took too long getting a windows version out.. so much for them.
I really get so sick of this broken record. Crediting M$ for innovation when it really came down to a combination of their weaving the browser into the OS, thus establishing IE as the tool for surfing the web to any/every new buyer of a PC, then sealing the deal with proprietary HTML tags that only work with IE. And M$' bullying tactics and buyouts of existing softcos are notorious and well documented - even in the case of NT/2000, which was not even their own technology. I used Netscape back when IE made its big push; the main bugs complained about were when experiencing IE-exclusive tags.
Originally posted by Unknown_K
There is NO os in the world that lets you run software from a decade ago on new computers and lets you use as much hardware as you can with windows on the intel x86 systems today. The price we pay for this is legacy code,some buggy/crappy drivers, and the occasional system crash.
What a load of rubbish. Not even worth the time it takes to reply to.
Originally posted by Unknown_K
Sooner or later a new hardware system will come out and the whole PC/OS race will start over again and somebody else will win. Once upon a time CP/M used to be the only game in town.. all things must come to an end, and M$ will fall just like rome did (just hope it doesnt take a 1,000 years).
Not neccesarily. No other OS leader in the past has ever been the run by the richest man on the planet, computers were never the common household and business appliance the way they are now, and never before has such tactics been used by an OS manufacturer to insure its domination of the market. What we are experiencing now with Microsoft is not just another business cycle.
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