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I've updated the first post with a new version of the scripts (v1.1!) and changed the instructions a bit.
The scripts have been tidied up and the process is now 50% faster (50%!!).
The scripts should now be unpacked to and run from a drive in WinUAE that is a mapped windows folder; I've found this is much more reliable! The instructions in the first post have been updated to reflect this.
The hdf files generated by this new version are exactly the same as the previous version.
There's also another adf included in the archive to use on the winuaex side, 'kicks.adf', to stick in DF1 if whdload asks for a kickstart other than v1.3. (no kickstarts included, of course)

A word about the boot disk - if you hold down a mouse button as the boot disk is loading up the menu (yellow or black on the xbox controller), a different menu comes up.
From here you can do a few useful things, the most useful is the 'No PRELOAD' option. If you select this, the menu returns to the original menu of slaves and documents, except now if you select a slave it will start without the PRELOAD argument.
Useful perhaps if you want to try to load Beneath A Steel Sky (original version) or Monkey Island 2, which are probably too big to PRELOAD on winuaex.

I should have mentioned before that this utility will not repackage the game pack
It is too big (and it wouldn't work in winuaex anyway). Any (or all!) of the other 2647 game packs can be repackaged.
To do all of them in one go now takes about 3h 20min on my machine. You'll need to start with at least 64mb fast ram in winUAE if you're going to do the lot.
Also I should have mentioned before that I did this for myself, and I'm not responsible if you use this and it screws up your computer/kicks your dog/swears at your mum/etc!

Have Fun!
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