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Originally Posted by Doobrey View Post
IMHO,45.5 is pointless unless you use a 68000 and run WB3.1
OK, so it's pointless when I run WB3.9 on 68000

Anywas, I tried various, just for the heck of it:

45.1 - works fine, displays newicons/colouricons, png icons seems to be ignored, fair enough

45.1.6 - works fine as long as no newicons/colouricons show upare present, as that leads to a reboot, a strangely colourfull reboot even

45.5 - works fine, doesnt show newicons/colouricons though, as far as I can see

45.5.5 - same as above, and then something that really pussles me - when I just run "version icon.library" in shell, it says "icon.library 45.4", but only after workbench is load - what's going on?

Anyways, it seems good ol'e 45.1 is best for my minimig
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