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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Thanks Doobrey & Ratte for your work on icon.library 45.5.
I have 2 questions for you:

Please confirm me if this library features IconBeFast like functionality/capable and if it is romable.
45.5 was made romable.(IIRC, it saved utilitybase inside its data section!)
But since it was based on 45.4, there's no IconBeFast patch in it. I don't think IconBeFast even existed at the time 45.5 was made.

IconBeFast does support 45.5 though.

Then which icon.library do people think we should put in Boing Bag 3? 46.4a from PeterK or 45.5 from Doobrey & Ratte?
Easy.. use Peters.
IMHO,45.5 is pointless unless you use a 68000 and run WB3.1
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